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Your children can’t always be there with you but we can

Your days of worries are over

Living at home without anybody to look after or leaving the home where parents and seniors lived for the most part of their life to stay at an old age center is an uncomfortable and frightening proposition for most of them. We are committed to helping them live a safe, healthy and happy and enjoyable life in their own homes for as long as possible. What makes the difference is that we look upon them as our own.

How Home Care Works

At Carepana we provide a personalized approach to keep your parents and seniors safe and sound at their very own home rather than in an old age home or anywhere else.

We can be there when you can't

We will meet with the person needing care and get a complete picture of the senior’s in-home care needs.

Our approach consists of:
  • Consulting about care needs and cost
  • Scheduling in home visits
  • Creating a customized personal care plan
  • Making adjustments to the care plan through monitoring and communication

Our home care services are designed to provide help with the activities that seniors need assistance with while staying at home safely, comfortably and with dignity

Our Caregivers

Giving care is not an easy job and our caregivers are background checked and groomed to provide the best possible care to improve the quality of life of the seniors at the place of their choice.

We are equipped to provide regular planned care and at the same time are able to respond quickly to clients that require a fast response in situations of emergency.

Our Mission

To take care of senior citizens and patients of all ages in their own homes, the same way family members or loved ones would have, if they were staying with them..

Our Vision

To deliver demonstrably better value: improved outcomes, lower costs for healthcare in home, for continued care from hospital to home and to provide high quality non-medical care with a special focus on senior citizens.

Our Solution

Use a blend of technology, adequately trained and qualified staff and doctors to ensure that seniors and patients receive the right kind of care with targeted clinical interventions to support ongoing wellness. Our focus is on delivering quality care, exceeding expectations related to customer service.