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Your children can’t always be there with you but we can

CarePana provides superior, professional companionship service to my mother. They have a qualified team of caregivers who have extraordinary commitment and compassion. With responsibilities ranging from medical services to outings, to assistance with laptop and grocery shopping their caregivers have dramatically improved my mother's lifestyle and well-being.

  Baishali Chakraborty ,Kolkata,West Bengal

I wanted to send a few words your way regarding the service CarePana provided. CarePana came as a godsend when my Mom needed to be hospitalized asap, and my dad who is her only caregiver, made the first call to you. You guys were terrific to send in your very best immediately. His support was over and beyond anything I could have imagined and gratefully appreciated. He was courteous, caring and extremely helpful. He was very professional, kind, gentle and respectful of Mom at all times. He visited her in hospital for support and companionship. He became like a member of the family. What a lovely person! CarePana came through on every promise and were there for us, incredibly organized, timely, competent and very pleasant. It was comforting for me to know that my Mom and Dad are in good hands during the day. I would highly recommend CarePana to anyone who asks for home care for the elderly and in need of extra special care for a loved one. They are, in my opinion, the best and most trusted in their field. Thank you for helping to make a horrible time a little bit brighter. Keep up the good work. I hold all of you in the highest esteem.Thanks again for all your support.

  Partha Choudhury, New Jersey, USA

My parents have never depended on anyone, but now they trust their caregiver from CarePana to take complete care of them. The caregiver goes above and beyond to make them comfortable and my parents and I have accepted her as a family member. CarePana are truly a team of excellent players who provide exceptional quality of service and are a pleasure to work with.

  Rajib Mondal, Nigeria

CarePana goes the extra mile and always goes above and beyond with their professionalism, caring manner, and the focus to meet the needs of my mother. They are very easy to work with, and my mother I trust them completely.It is very comforting for me to know that they always have my mother's best interests at heart. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else in need of homecare services.

  Amrita Mukherjee , Florida, USA

CarePana came thru for me in a clutch when I needed someone to support my parents in a medical emergency. Not only did they successfully navigate the critical medical situation, but maintained a steady follow up regimen until my father was fully cured. I found the caregivers of Penguin Home Care to be highly comforting and caring, extremely competent, patient and reassuring and cannot really find the words to say how wonderful they were. Their integrity put me completely at ease, I know that my parents are being looked after with the same care as I would have provided. They are truly like our extended family and I would highly recommend them to anyone who asks for in-home care options in Durgapur or in any other city if they expand.”

  Debarshi Datta, New Jersey, USA

“I would like to thank CarePana from the bottom of my heart for the excellent care they provide. They respond to emergencies very quickly and their caregivers are extremely competent, prompt, courteous, and patient. My parents' calls are always answered without delay and they make sure that they are comfortable with the coordinating schedules. I am very impressed with their extraordinary professionalism and sensitivity.”

  Manjitsha Sengupta, Maryland, USA

Parents staying alone is difficult for everyone. And it’s more difficult, when one of them loses his / her partner. We all know that it’s inevitable, but one can never be prepared for that. We, too, were not. And we did not want our mother to feel alone. That’s when CarePana came in. They sincerely wanted to help. They were able to find a good soul, who took immediate charge, and came in as a caregiver/companion. They were very understanding and knew exactly what she needed. We are very happy for the stability and consistency in care that CarePana have provided us over the past few months. Thank You CarePana. You deserve 5 stars, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs genuine care.

  Jaydip Chakrabarti, Houston, TX USA

CarePana has been looking after my father in Kolkata for more than a year now. My brother and I live in the US and my sister Sridevi lives in Australia and prior to engaging the Penguins we had spent many sleepless nights wondering about the well being of our father, but fortunately now those days of worries are over. They have been extremely flexible and patient with every aspect of our father's case, and we can only conclude that they are the best in this part of the world when it comes to care giving for elderly people at home. They are on top of the latest technology with communications and response time to any of our queries by phone, WhatsApp or facetime and of late they have installed a CCTV monitoring system in my father’s apartment which enables us children to watch him and remain connected with him 24/7 even though we live halfway around the globe. The caregivers do a good job of monitoring round the clock as well and this gives us immense peace of mind knowing that they are there to take care and handle any kind of situation. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for high quality technology driven elder care for their parents or loved ones in India.

  Viru Raparthi, New York, USA

Not being with my parents in their place of choice had always made me worried, associated with a feeling of guilt. While it may be difficult to get out of this altogether, Penguin has been able to alleviate the feeling of helplessness that used to overcome me often, sitting thousands of kilometers away from my dear parents. I had never really thought that a service like this could be so professional and caring at the same time. What is probably the most reassuring part of my association with Penguin is the confidence that my parents have gathered in knowing that someone dependable can always be by their side in a situation where they would be looking for me.

  Pranabananda Roy, Bangalore

I want to thank the Carepana for the great support that they have given us in the hour of need. All their caregivers have delivered the “cruise control” that they promised when we engaged their services. Their professional support base has provided me absolute peace of mind and I knew that my mother was in good hands. They have attended to every need with patience and also monitored her progress, made recommendations and overseen medications. They are extremely good at communicating and keeping me updated. Thank you again for improving the quality of her life and we are very sure that we have made the right choice by deciding to go with you.

  Jaeita Mukherjee, Singapore

My sister Rima and I are both unable to stay with our mother in Kolkata as I work in Gurgaon and she lives in Australia. Our mother is not able to do anything by herself as she suffers from Parkinson’s. We felt so helpless with nobody to look after her until we came into contact with Carepana. Their caregiver now takes care of her the way we would have done with very close attention to details. I am not sure if you will find such great help for the elderly in Kolkata as to what Carepana provides. Their caregivers are kind, caring, very prompt, helpful, considerate, and all-rounders. One would not go wrong with help from them. Having their caregiver help my mother in her home has been a blessing.

  Roop Banerjee, Gurgaon